You have the right…to fight…for your right… of Human Rights

We as humans are always fighting, we find conflict in everything. If you look around you, there is war on terror, war on drugs, war on cancer. And so we never progress with anything, this exhibition called “HUMAN RIGHTS HUMAN WRONGS” displayed at the Photographer’s Gallery in Soho, shows a great variation of photos of postwar journalism. Arranged chronologically, it takes as its starting point the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN in 1948, and partly prompted by Nazi atrocities. From there, it ranges globally across Africa, Asia, South America, the Civil Rights Movement in the States and political upheaval in Europe.


The photos in the gallery, are doing a great job at captivating the audience and creating this timeline of historic events, from Martin Luther King to Che Guevara. What i like about this exhibition is that these photos, many of them superb,and made under extremely dangerous conditions by brave people, create a kind of collage of misery and infamy, it also shows how much of an important role photojournalism played in making people aware of the problematic situation of the post war era.


The guys from Time Out London describe it as:

At its heart is a story about the role of the image in a pre-digital age.

All in all, the exhibition composed of amazingly captured moments, that send you back in time and feel the struggles of the world and makes you think whether the world has changed at all. So now should you go see it and witness it’s full emotional roller coster? Yes, yes i think you should.





Photographer’s Gallery

16-18 Ramillies St

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