Top 5: Food Magazines


Well here we are again, counting down our favourite and most creative food magazines out there. I am mainly counting down London based food magazines, but i wanted to include some exceptions like “Brutal Magazine” which has a very unique and interesting concept.

1. Foodism

Foodism is a London’s largest food and drink magazine title, not only that but they are one of our regular clients here at Clapham Studios. They have a really good creative team that stand behind the ingenious covers, together with photographer Ian Dingle they have created some sensational front covers.

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2. Lucky Peach

Borne of a collaboration between Momofuku’s David Chang, food writer Peter Meehan, and the McSweeney’s team, Lucky Peach is without a doubt the hottest thing in food journalism today, leveraging its unique position to buck the trends of current journalism and embrace long-form writing and acid-trip design. Handing over the reigns to the chef as writers and commentators is a symbolic power shift in the food-writing, but the magazine also manages to pull in luminaries of traditional media—from Ruth Reichl to Anthony Bourdain—and give them a new platform. The magazine is quirky, smart, and impulsively readable. Issues focus on a singular theme—from Chinatown to The Apocalypse—and showcases art, photos, essays, and insanely advanced recipes from some very recognizable names.

food magazine food magazine food magazine food magazine

3. Root + Bone

This free quarterly is published by a London-based group of chefs, designers, and photographers. Root & Bone incorporates stunning photos, awesome illustrations, and unconventional content that focuses on “offcuts from the food industry.”

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4. Brutal Magazine

Brutal has been teasing their release on Facebook and Instagram, and we can’t wait to see how the Brooklyn-based publication will explore food and fashion. Get ready for some delectable features on thriving names in the Manhattan and Brooklyn food scene like Luksus and The Meat Hook. We’re pretty sure that stories on ice cream, coffee, wine, and butchery will pair nicely together. The way i would describe Brutal Magazine is the Dazed and Confused of the food world.

As i was browsing their website i found couldn’t get out of my head how fashion orientated it is. It has that quirkiness and weirdness embedded in the magazine, even though they mainly talk about food, but that is what attracts people’s attention and what makes them unique.

food magazine food magazine

5. Garden and Gun

This Southern magazine is a full of hunting dogs, Smith and Wessons, and plenty of biscuits and pimento cheese. Without falling into the cliche, Garden & Gun lovingly showcases all things innately Southern, with plenty of meals and recipes that will have you drooling on the glossy pages. Channel Bon Appétit f it came from below the Mason Dixon.

food magazinefood magazine

food magazine


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