Top 10 inspirational spaces and places, to get the creative juices flowing in London

Like most mega cities, sometimes the concrete can start to get a bit oppressive. All you can see is a grey polluted smorgasbord of city life. At times like these, one needs to reacquaint oneself with the beauty and uniqueness of the Great Smoke. It’s easy to forget how much there is to explore in our great city. So, we have compiled a list of inspirational places and spaces that we hope will get your creative juices flowing.

Southbank has so much to offer, start off at the Tate Modern, wander down the river to the BFI to catch a film or maybe a matinee at the Globe. So much culture in one place! If you are not feeling galleries like the Hayward just enjoy its mega architecture or perhaps go and watch the skaters.


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The Barbican is the place to go if you are craving greenery and the arts, spend the day wandering round the urban architectural utopia. The gardens are well worth a look pre exhibition or films.

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Photographers Gallery, conveniently situated in Soho so you can bar hop and shop whilst taking in your culture. The gallery is not only host to some of the best international photography exhibitions but they also have an amazing book and print store. keep an eye out for their folio reviews and panel discussions. 

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The Huntarian Museum, full of mind bending biology stuff. Certainly makes for a different experience! The Huntarian is the Royal College of Surgeons museum of artefacts in glass jars. Don’t go if your a little bit squeamish.

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Alexander and Ainsworth Estate’s infamous brutalist take on town planning and social housing is a unique space well worth a visit for fans of Grand Designs and other such TV programmes. The estate is maze like with scattered levels offering different views of the city and space. Make sure you bring your camera – some great profile pic opportunities to be had.


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The Sky Garden is situated in the Walkie Talkie building in the city. In case you don’t what that is, its a very large sky scraper that has been nicknamed the ‘Walkie Talkie’ because some people think its looks a little bit like a Walkie Talkie. Don’t worry thats not the exciting bit. The building is home to an awe inspiring roof garden. Its open to the public so you can book tickets and check out the gardens and incredible views. Or if you wanna splash the cash, grab a cocktail in one of their bars and watch the sun go down over London.

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Crystal Palace Park is home to some seriously strange Victorian sculptural interpretations of creatures from the Triassic Period. It is also home to an epic manicured maze you can get lost in for hours. Great for a sunny day of exploring in the greenery. 


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Canal Walks are a unique method of exploring London. Wind you way along the water and hop in and out of the parks and bars that line the banks. Hackney has some great canal spots filled with trendy hang out spots and ever changing street art. If East is too trendy for you, then check out Camden canal and its beautiful house boats and locks for a short walk around North London.

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Kew Garden’s Palm House is perfect for a rainy day, stay dry in this giant tropical wonderland. The greenhouse is a marvellous example of the grand ideas of Victorian Architects – The Palm House is a truly magnificent structure. The developed and mature plant life will transport you to another world. 

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Alexandra Palace AKA Ally Pally has some incredibly impressive views of London. The palace is a purpose built entertainment centre, originally aimed at being the Crystal Palace of North London. Ally Pally hosts some of London’s premiere music events, if you are a foodie they also have some pretty smashing food and booze festivals too.

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