Interview with a Photographer – Alicja Zalewska

 Hello readers, today we are going to grant you a little source of inspiration. A couple of months ago, photographer Alicja Zalewska, has won one of our photography contests, so she benefited of a free full day studio booking at Clapham Studios. We managed to fit into her busy schedule to ask her a couple of questions.

About Photographer Alicja Zalewska

Growing up in rural Poland, Alicja was influenced by the way the people and their natural environments interacted and affected one and other. Her passion for photography developed during her Fine Art studies at University Warminsko-Mazurski and shortly after she moved to the UK around 10 years ago where she continued her studies with a professional photography course at The London School of Photography. Alicja got hold of her first film camera, Zenit, in a flea market and although now she works with DSLRs she still likes to come back to her vintage film camera.


Q: How did you get into photography, and why did you choose portraiture?

A: I met with photography on my Fine Art studies in Poland over 12 years ago and I completely fallen in love.I photographed a lot in black and white with my film camera back then.For many years that was my hobby but I always wanted to be professional photographer so I decided to join London School of Photography and direct myself as a photographer.I learn there about different fields of photography and developed my skills.The most inspiring for me were the portrait classes.Since then I focused on photographing people.Working on portraits always reveals something unexpected about the subject.The story of a person’s life can appear by freezing moments,expressions or gestures in time.

Q: What do you find most interesting about fashion/portrait photography?

A: In portraiture and fashion I work with people and that is the most exciting thing.I’m meeting very interesting personalities,talents,inspirations,creative people…I always learn something new from each session.

Q: How would you describe your style in photography?

A: Is hard for me to describe my style as I still experiment and learn on my way but if I could put in few words that would be moody,arty,vintage…

Q: How did you find out about the Clapham Studios photography Contest?

A: I was looking for a studio to rent somewhere local when I found Clapham Studios and I saw the contest on their website for still life photography.I submitted my photo and I won!

Q: In a few word how would you describe your experience at Clapham Studios?

A: I had fantastic day at the Clapham Studios!Adrian-the manager,was very helpful and took care about everything I was need it.I was join by my team-makeup artist and three models and we all were very pleased with the results!

Q: What are your plans for the future? Any exciting shoots coming up?

A: In the closest future I have lots of my personal projects which I would like to make it happen and also entry the Taylor Wessing competition at National Portrait Gallery.

Q: If you were to choose a different profession what would it be?

A: I wouldn’t change for anything this what I’m doing as I don’t think about photography as my job.It’s my passion and I feel very lucky that I can make a living from that.