INTERVIEW – Vladimir Studenic


has been shooting advertorial food and beverage campaigns for brands such as Leon, John Lewis, Gaucho, and You Me Sushi to name but a few.

Vlad is London based food photographer who discovered his passion for good food working as a chef in London’s busy restaurants.

Breaking into the world of moving image, Vlad has been creating his uniquely stylised animations for some of the biggest names in the food and bev industry.

His work is playful, fresh and fun, and definitely worth a look.

1. When and how did your career in food photography and moving image start?

I started with food photography during my studies of photography at LSBU. What also helped was a fact that I worked as a chef during that time and I always had a passion for food in any form. Moving image – food stop motion animations – the very first one I’ve done was 3 years ago and about 1.5 years ago I set myself a challenge to post animations regularly, I kept shooting until I got noticed on Instagram and I’m now shooting animations for different clients.


2. ‘Moving Food’ animations are your signature style, how did you master this technique?

A years ago I’ve shot couple of timelapses – and that time I was already interested in food photography, so I tried to bring those techniques from timelapses on the table and animate the food. The very first animation I’ve done is this one

it’s never been easy to get everything right on the set and the advantage while shooting animations is that most of the (visual) issues can be fixed in Photoshop, with only difference that there is not 1 image to retouch, but sometimes 150.


3. Do you prefer shooting in the studio or on location?

I definitely prefer studio / controlled environment, but it really depends on job/brief.

4. What do you enjoy shooting in your free time? Are you working on any personal projects at the moment?

I really enjoy shooting while I’m traveling anything nice and mostly ending up on local food market.

I will be also extending my most recent personal project of Magic objects – magic food.


5. Final question… You’re hosting a dinner party. You can invite 5 people (dead or alive). Who would you invite?

Tricky one: one of my biggest recent inspiration is Casey Neistat (filmmaker/youtuber from NY) he would be no. 1 mostly because of his inspirational vlogs he’s done recently, his work etiquette and his views as a creative person. The other would be London based photographers Steve Baxter, Gareth Morgans and two of my early inspirations – Edward Weston and Irving Penn.