Light Language and Line Workshops by Steve Richard


Phase One and Teamwork Digital have partnered up with Steve Richard to bring you this exceptional fine art photography workshop; Light, Language and Line.

This 21⁄2-day intensive workshop is about mastering advanced studio lighting concepts combined with the approach of creating a work of art (as opposed to simply capturing an image.) The workshop spends as much time on the philosophy of creating the story in an image as it does on the technology and techniques. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking for both inspiration and knowledge.

Phase One and Teamwork Digital will be at the event with the best photography gear available, including access all weekend to Phase One Medium Format Camera Systems.


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Clapham Studio – 99-109 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5QL –


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Steve Richard is a acclaimed artist known for his powerful fine art nudes and beautiful illusions. His work has been published internationally in books and magazines, and he has been featured in numerous, journals, websites and galleries around the world.

Steve has a strong personal style and a unique creative vision. His methods for creating beautiful world class images in camera (without any post-production manipulation) are the results of years of experimentation and hard-work.

You can find more of Steve’s work at &

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Tutor: Steve Richard


April 28, 29 & 30


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Digital SLR, laptop, batteries, memory cards required