Photographer Profile: Atiba Jefferson

Atiba Jefferson is a professional photographer from Colorado Springs, CO. Read more about how he discovered his passion for photography.

Interview with Paul Walker photographer

n April 2015, I decided to get Clapham Studios to host the OUTLINE STUDIO PORTRAITURE photography contest which was a great way to spot some upcoming photographer, after the 30 days of intense sharing, Paul Walker, yes his name is Paul Walker won the competition.

Theory of Photography

Read about photographers such as Jimmy Nelson, Carli Hermès and Pablo Delfos and their theory of photography with videos by ONE MINUTE WONDER.

Andre D. Wagner Explains Street Photography

Andre is a popular photographer from Omaha, Nebraska who now lives in Brooklyn, New York and documents life and culture there through street and documentary style photography.

Oh’ Colourful Art Photography By Luke Stephenson

Luke Stephenson Art Photography:      Luke was born on New Years Day, 1983 in Darlington, North East England.

5 Things to know about food photography

Check out Clapham Studios top 5 must know about food photography post. A post that would improve your food vision.

Top 5 Still Art Food Photographers

When it comes to food photographers, it is hard to narrow it down to just 5 people, but i think with doing a 2 part post we managed to get there. Read about part 2 of our Top 5 Still Life Food Photographers, read about Anders Schønnemann,Francesco Tonelli and find out where they started from....

Top 5 London-based Food Stylists

Read our article about our top 5 favourite London-based food stylists, whose recipes will make your mouth water, from the sight of their food.

Top 5 Editorial Food Photography

I have put together a list of my favourite top 5 food photographers. With photographers from mostly UK, but also one or two Europeans dropped in there.

Top 4 UK Fashion Photographers

Read our Top 4 UK FASHION PHOTOGRAPHERS list to see our favourite and most creative fashion photographers in the united Kingdom. Do you agree with our list?