Aida Emelyanova: A Contemporary Artist



To me magic is an ability to bring a dream, a hope of an ideal reality into everyday life.

These past couple of weeks here at Clapham Studios, in South West London, i had the pleasure of meeting Aida Emelyanova, a contemporary artist from Russia, who is now based in London. Aida is graduate from Chelsea School of Art and Design, as well an aspiring actor who has appeared in films, adverts and music videos. Talented across multiple disciplines, from contemporary dance to fashion and sculpture, she is also a lover of Russian and English literature, and a marathon runner for charity. A positive thinker who is always happy within and loves life!

Aida’s Art

I would personally describe Aida’s art as surrealist. Her combination between life and death with a slight hint of sexuality, makes it unique. What i personally find interesting about her art is that she expresses herself through various mediums, from sculpture (A prisoner of your own mind) to photography (Star II). I am happy to be part of her current project and our photographer Radu Palicica, is doing some amazing work with the photos, as they are surreal, atmospheric and distinct. You can get a glimpse of sets and props on our instagram account.

Click here for more of Aida’s artwork


The Sun ©Aida Emelyanova


Star II ©Aida Emelyanova

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