5 Things to know about food photography

1. Planning your food photography

     An incredibly helpful tip is to prepare your shoots ahead, and that includes the food preparation, styling, by doing this your photography process flow together smoothly.
     Plus the sooner you can take the photo the sooner you get to eat the food.
food photography

2. Props for your food photography

     I cannot say how crucial it is to have a good prop collection for your food photography, having a variety of vintage spoons and bowls or handmade plates and cups can make your photography stand out so much. For food photographers, flee markets, vintage shops and potters are a gold mine, it is the place to find great stuff to use in your shoots, and plus they don’t cost as much as it would cost in shops.
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3. Styling your food photography

     Working with a good food stylist or if you’re a food junkie that also helps to make your food look delicious, that mixed with a greatly designed bowl or plate would make your photo tell a lovely story. So it is important to have a foodie there on location.

4. Composition of your food photography

     Food photographer Xiaolu talks in one of her blogs “6bittersweets” about composition. This is one of the most important principles, in my opinion, and strongly affects how we respond to viewing an image. I am not a fan of tilted food shots and I think it is precisely because any chance of balance is thrown out the window. But that’s not to say that every piece of the scene must be perfectly level. Read more about food photography composition here.
food photography food photography food photography

5. Backgrounds

     The fun part is here. An important part of the shoot apart from props is the Background. And this is where your creative skills come in, you can distress wood, or use rocks, the freedom is yours. Here at Clapham Studios we like to create our own backgrounds. If you think you can’t make your own backgrounds here and here are some tutorials that might help stimulate your creativity.
food photography food photography Backgrounds_moo-sb_PropsSel157046_88_moo1-1p3_ food photography food photography

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