Caroline Gardner Product Shoot

Caroline Gardner, one of the UKs most respected greeting card, stationary and pattern design companies were in Clapham Studios this week photographing their Spring/Summer collection of bags.

You have the right…to fight…for your right… of Human Rights

We as humans are always fighting, we find conflict in everything.

Aida Emelyanova: A Contemporary Artist

These past couple of weeks here at Clapham Studios, in South West London, i had the pleasure of hosting Aida Emelyanova, a contemporary artist from ...

Photography Lesson: Gel Photography

How to use lighting gels: Apart from a softbox, the most useful accessories that I have for my small lighting kit are different-coloured lighting gels.

Alex Prager: Filming Photography

Alex Prager is an American art photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in Los Angeles. Her photographs primarily ...

Ben Hassett: Refined Sensuality

Ben Hassett is a British fashion photographer and filmmaker, who lives and works in Paris. A regular contributor to Vogue magazines worldwide, including ....